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  • How much space does booth take up?
    We request a minimum space of at least 10ftx 10ft to operate the booth. We typically also have a table for props.
  • Does the Photo Booth require a power supply?
    It is desirable. We request that the booth be set up near a 3-pronged outlet within 50 feet of a power outlet not in use by other loads. However, we have a wireless battery that can power the booth in the absence of a power outlet.
  • How long is setup and takedown?
    We request 90 mins to set up and 45 minutes to take down.
  • Can the booth be rented for more than 4 hours?
    We have a 2 hr minimum rental requirement and 4hrs is typically our max rental timeframe, but we welcome your inquiries to create a custom package for you if you would like to use the booth for a longer time. If your event is booked for a set timeframe and you request additional time, we will allow it if our schedule permits, but there will be a fee of $100 per hour ($50 per 30 mins) due immediately to extend time.
  • How many people can fit in the booth?
    Our platform can hold the number of people as follows: 80 cm Medium Size (2-3 persons) 100 cm Large Size (4-6 persons)
  • Are shoes required?
    Shoes are allowed yet optional! Socks are required.
  • Will a booth attendant be present?
    Yes. The 360 Video Booth will be set up, operated, and taken down by one of our event specialists. At times, there may be more than one attendant for larger events.
  • How do guests receive their videos at my event?
    Guest may receive unlimited downloads via text, email, or airdrop within minutes of stepping off the booth! A secure high-speed Wi-Fi connection is required or downloads may be delayed. We make every effort to provide memories right away!
  • Do you provide props? If so, what kind?
    Yes, we provide amazing handheld props with fun and exciting phrases such as hats, sunglasses, and special effects props such as the popular confetti or money gun launcher!
  • Can I select a frame (commonly called overlay) and song for my video?
    Yes. We provide our clients with custom overlays to frame their photos. These generally include 1-2 lines of text and/or 1-2 photo images. We welcome client input or our design team can create something unique. If your event has a DJ we usually just spin to what’s being played but we usually provide pre-planned music to your videos as well.
  • Can I get a copy of all the videos from my event?
    Yes. We provide our client with gallery access to all videos within 7 days of the event. Some events even have a photo sharing station where guest can view.
  • Can the booth be used outside and outdoors?
    Yes. The booth can be battery-operated outside but we require a flat dry surface. For safety, we cannot operate the photobooth in the rain, even if the area is covered.
  • What is required for me to make a reservation?
    Simply choose the package that best fits your need and pay a deposit to reserve your experience! Deposits starts at $150 with the balance being due 10 days prior to your event.
  • How far in advance should I reserve?
    The 360 Video and photobooth is a popular addition to ANY event from weddings, to birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, prom, corporate events, etc., so the sooner the better! If we must give a number we recommend at least 8-12 weeks in advance. We offer a convenient “Save the Date” option to secure a booth while you work on the details of your event!
  • Is my deposit refundable?
    A non-refundable deposit of $150 to secure your desired date and services is required. This is to cober for administrative cost in the event of cancellation. However, we offer a 3-day grace period from the date you make a booking. If you change your mind within the first 3 days, we will gladly return 100% of your deposit.
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
    Yes. 3 days after your deposit is paid. It is no longer fully refundable. You must notify us in writing within 30 days before your scheduled event if you wish to cancel or re-schedule. 30 day-cancellations will forfeit the deposit and any cancellations within 10 days of the event will forfeit the deposit and any additional payments that were made. We understand that life happens and are more than willing to work with you to re-schedule. We allow clients to re-schedule once within a 90-day window with the same deposit. Any re-scheduled events beyond 90 days from the original booking may result in an additional deposit or payment in full to secure the new date.
  • Are you insured and can you provide a copy of the insurance certificate if my venue requests it?
    Yes. We require at least a 10-day notice to provide insurance verification to a venue.
  • How long are the videos?
    The 360 booth videos will generally be an average of 26 seconds long. This is to help with transmission speeds when users send via text or email.
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